3 Great Places to Read Online Fiction for Free (2023)

Reading is a favourite past time for many and in today’s world it can be difficult to find great quality stories and books for a good price. Be it inflation, the rising cost of living, or the pay walls introduced by online reading websites, the availability of free online fiction that is of a high standard is diminishing.

In today’s article we’ll list some great places online that you can find fiction to read, for free, by upcoming authors across the world.

Let’s start with;

Lore Publication

Lore Publication is an online book publisher based in Scotland that not only provides commercial books for purchase online but also a free catalogue of short fictional work to enjoy.

The site mainly focuses on publishing works of horror, science fiction, and fantasy – but also lists a few speculative or mystery style fictional pieces to enjoy.

Aside from its short story and flash fiction sections, Lore Publication’s blog also publishes handy resources for writers, poetry, and even the odd book review.

It is an excellent place to find fascinating stories for your reading list from a varied range of authors. The site’s founder claims that Lore is a place to bring ‘insightful media to insightful minds’.

Certainly worth a look, check out Lore Publication now!

Archive of Our Own

This entry is a bit different from Lore Publication, as this is a website dedicated to the publishing of fan fiction rather than original fiction.

The website is constructed around pretty much every fandom you could imagine, and features stories from budding writers that enjoy exploring their favourite characters through the medium of fan fiction.

The website is split into different categories to help you navigate to a fan fiction you’ll find interesting, be it: anima & manga, books & literature, cartoons, comics, graphic novels, movies, music and bands, video games, and even characters seen in theatre productions.

No matter your fandom or interest, Archive of Our Own will no doubt feature a story that you’ll find interesting about your favourite fandom characters.


If you are looking for longer reads of fiction, then you might want to consider ManyBooks. ManyBooks is an online website dedicated to providing readers with free ebooks.

The site claims to have over 50,000 titles up for grabs with each title being completely free to download, read, and keep. 

Popular genres the site features titles from are: romance, action & adventure, mystery & thriller, children’s books, young adult books, biographies, fantasy, historical fiction, horror, science fiction, literary fiction, and many more.

If you’re unable to decide on a book, you can always consult with their editor’s choice section for a look at what’s currently popular and recommended from their online collection. 


These three great places where you can find fiction online is only just the tip of the iceberg. There’s dozens of websites dedicated to offering free fiction – both long form and short form fiction – for free.

Some notable mentions are: Project Gutenberg, the Hathi Trust, the Open Library, the Internet Archive, and more.

Don’t be afraid to explore the true offerings out there on the internet to delve into excellent fiction without it costing you a penny.

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