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Ceiling Height Needed For Golf Simulator

The ceiling height of your home should be nine to ten feet in order to accommodate a golf simulator. Anything less will severely limit your options. You will be limited in club selection and your backswing will be greatly hampered. You also run the risk of hitting the ceiling during the game, which is not a desirable scenario. For an average golfer, a nine-foot ceiling will be adequate, but if you are tall, it may not be enough. thetalka

A minimum ceiling height of nine feet is needed for a golf simulator. Golfers who are less than five feet eight inches tall can use nine feet of ceiling height, while those between five feet eight inches and six feet should aim for ten feet. If you are over six feet five inches tall, you should consider adding another six inches to your clearance. If you are six feet five inches tall, you should aim for 11 feet of ceiling howitstart.

For the best performance, you should choose a room that is at least twelve feet long and at least twelve feet wide. However, it is essential to remember that a right-handed golfer requires a wider room than a left-handed person. If the room is too narrow, you will be limited to swinging the longest clubs. If your room is narrow, you might find that you cannot see the ball’s trajectory accurately celebrow.

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