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The Unintended Consequences of Hosting a Charity Art Auction Online

Charitable art auctions are a great way to support an organization and to purchase unique works of art. Many nonprofits host these events in galleries and ballrooms, where they collect donations from donors and sell the art. These events are considered some of the biggest fundraisers of the year, and artists often donate their work to help raise funds. However, there are some unintended consequences of participating in a charity art auction. This article will discuss some of the issues that artists may face when donating their work.

Before holding your charity art auction, give attendees a chance to view the pieces. Posting artwork online can help generate interest and spotlight the artist’s achievements. You can also provide a link for the online preview on your auction website, so that viewers can view artwork prior to the event. Here are some other advantages of hosting an online preview:

Aside from keeping the details to a minimum, make sure that the artwork is properly described. Don’t use art jargon or descriptions that confuse the audience. A concise statement should explain the artist’s work, where the inspiration came from, and what the artist hopes the piece will accomplish for the recipient. This way, the art auction will be more successful. If there are any problems, simply call your charity art auction administrator and have them fix the problem.

Aside from exhibiting the art on your website, you can also organize additional events. These events can draw attention to the charity art auction, such as a preview event for donors. You can also invite artists to the event as well. An extended viewing period can draw a larger audience and generate more competitive bidding. For an offline event, you may also want to consider offering free food to the guests, or extending the time when the artists can view the work.

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